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    The All India Coordinated Cotton Improvement Project (AICCIP) was established in 1967 with Headquarters at Coimbatore at the erstwhile IARI, Regional Station. The AICCIP is vested with multi-location and multi-disciplinary research works on Cotton with a nation wide network Centres involving Agricultural Universities of all the major cotton growing States.

    The major objectives of the Project are
    • To develop cultivars and hybrids best suited for different agro-climatic zones of India .
    • To develop viable and economical area-based agro-techniques for realizing maximum yields / profits from improved cultivars for both irrigated and rainfed conditions including management of abiotic stresses.
    • To develop economic and effective pest and disease management practices under different agro-biological conditions.


    The All India Coordinated Cotton Improvement Project (AICCIP) has in ten cotton growing states 10 main centres at Faridkot, Hisar and Sriganganagar in North Zone, Surat, Khandwa, Akola, Nanded, in central zone, Guntur (Lam farm), Dharwad and Coimbatore in South Zone; 11 Sub-centres at Ludhiana, Banswara, Kanpur in North Zone; Junagadh, Indore, Pune, Rahuri and Bhawanipatna (central zone) and Nandyal, Siruguppa, Srivilliputhur (South zone). Central Institute for Cotton Research through its three centres of Coimbatore, Nagpur and Sirsa has offered basic research support in addition to guiding the AICCIP in its programme formulation. Before the AICCIP was carved out, Coimbatore and Sirsa centres used to be PIRRCOM (Project on Intensification of Regional Research cotton, oilseeds and millets) centres from 1958. Subsequently, they became centres of Indian Agricultural Research Institute. When the Central Institute for Cotton Research was formed in 1976, these became its southern and northern regional Stations.

    Functioning of AICCIP

    The Headquarters of Project Coordinator (PC) is at CICR Regional Station, Coimbatore since he is also the Head of the Regional Station. He coordinates the conduct of all AICCIP experiments at the centres, provides coded test entries and makes sure that the planting materials (seeds) are good. The PC moves around centres during season to see the standards of conducting trials. He also institutes a Monitoring team for each zone that goes around and critically does the qualitative assessment of each trial. The shortcomings are pointed for course corrections, whatsoever. Monthly report on the technical and financial progress and half yearly on the overall assessment of each experiment is called for from these 21 centres. The Sub-centres act through Min centres, if they are under the same State Agricultural University. Critical review of these reports lead to finalisation of the Summary report. The Annual Group Meting is conducted at a given centre, where the progress made is reviewed and Technical Programme is finalized for next year. The Proceedings of the Workshop is circulated to ensure the implementation of the decisions. The research Highlights and material for DARE report are sent to ICAR.

    The PC acts as a facilitator in the development of Agricultural Product (AP) Cess Fund Projects in cotton by various Centres and others. He also facilitates HRD and visits of scientists of the AICCIP centres to various institutions, as and when the need arise.


    Regarding fund management of AICCIP, the ICAR provides AICCIP budget at 75% with the understanding that the respective State shall provide matching 25% of the total annual budget to each centre. The allocations are done based on the demands provided by the Controllers of the respective Comptrollers of SAUs. The ICAR allocation is distributed to centres, which shall provide the Audit Utilisation Certificate for the funds mentioning the head-wise funds allotted and used, including unspent balance. The centres also need to certify that the 25% head-wise share of the State also has been received and spent to complement the balance of the overall budget.


    The AICCIP also maintained active linkages with various agencies, stakeholders and textile industry through its interactive association with Cotton Advisory Board of the Textile Ministry, East India Cotton Association, Indian Cotton Mills federation, South India Mills Association, all the Textile Research Laboratories, Cotton Corporation of India etc. in planning and synergising all cotton development activities and in recent times with the Mini Missions of Technology Mission on Cotton.