Salient Achievements

Development and release of ASIPM module for summer cotton tracts of Tamil Nadu (2005)

Adoptable Srivilliputtur IPM was found to be superior than the farmers plant protection method. The component of ASIPM includes, SVPR 2 (high yielding variety with leafhopper tolerance) with application of FYM, neem cake as basal, seed treatment with imidacloprid, Trichoderma etc. planting of array of intercrop / trap crop /eco feast / catch crops, release of Trichogramma, use of yellow sticky trap, Pheromone traps for Helicoverpa , PBW and need based application of neem pesticides and safer insecticides. This technology was released as a "Management Technology by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University " during the year 2005 as a management package.

Skipping basal application of fertilizer and apply the same in two equal splits on 45 and 65 DAS in summer cotton tract

Apply recommended dose of fertilizers (60:30:30 NPK kg/ha) by skipping basal application and apply the same in two equal splits on 45 and 60 days after sowing under summer irrigated rice follow cotton gave 20% higher yield than the existing practice. This technology is in confirmation stage (second year of testing at farmers holding) and will be proposed for release as a management technology by TNAU.

Entries identified for release

A high yielding cotton culture TSH 9704 developed from this station has performed well in summer irrigated tracts of Tamil Nadu. The entry TSH 9704 has performed well in Br 02 (a) NT and Br 03 (a) South zone in the years 2004, 2005 respectively. This entry has registered an average seed cotton yield of 2000 kg /ha which is 15% higher yield than the existing check SVPR 2. TSH 9704 is a long staple cotton having 2.5% span length of 28 mm, strength of 23 g/tex and mic of 4.1. This culture is moderately resistant to leaf hopper and bacterial blight. Hence the entry TSH 9704 will be proposed for release as SVPR 4 in the year 2006-2007.

Thrust Areas for XI Plan Period in Brief (2007 - 2012)

Development of intra hirsutum cotton hybrids for the irrigated tracts of Tamil Nadu

  • Wide hybridization for imparting resistance to stem weevil and root rot diseases in upland cotton
  • Wide hybridization for the improvement of fibre quality of upland cotton matching the CIRCOT norms Development of Bt cotton hybrids / varieties suitable for the irrigated tracts of Tamil Nadu.
  • Crop weather modeling and studies on continuous use of herbicides in summer irrigated cotton based cropping system.
  • Establishment of Model Organic Farm under National Centre of Organic Farming
  • Organic residue management in cotton
  • Identification of new molecules and formulations against sucking pest and boll worm complex in cotton
  • Development of management strategy for stem weevil in cotton
  • Development of management strategy for bacterial blight and root rot of cotton

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