Salient Achievements in last five years

  • Released one hirsutum cotton variety (F 1861) and six hirsutum hybrids namely Ankur 651, Whitegold, RCH 134Bt, RCH 317Bt, MRC 6301Bt, and MRC 6304 Bt.
  • Released one GMS based desi cotton hybrid (Moti)
  • Recommended row to row and plant to plant spacing of 67.5 x 60cm for American cotton varieties
  • Recommended 4kg/acre seed for American cotton varieties; 3 kg/acre for desi cotton varieties; and 1?kg/acre for hybrids
  • Recommended sowing time for cotton for Punjab state as whole month of April
  • Recommended foliar application of Potassium Nitrate (KNO 3 ) @ 2.0kg/100 litre of water for one acre during fruiting and give four sprays at fortnightly interval.
  • Foliar application of Pride 20SP (Acetamiprid) @ 20g/acre and Actara 25WG (Thiamethoxam) @ 40g/acre against cotton jassid, Tracer 48SC (Spinosad) @ 60ml/acre and Avount 15 SC (indoxacarb) @ 200 ml/acre against bollworms especially American Bollworms
  • Indoxacarb (Avaunt 15 SE) @ 75g a.i./ha for the control of grown up larvae of Helicoverpa armigera
  • Thiomathoxam 70WS @ 3.0g/kg seed (Cruiser) as seed treatment against jassid
  • Beeta-Cyfluthrin 0.25SC @ 3.00 ml/acre (Bulldock as foliar spray against pink and spotted bollworms
  • Celecron and Profex 50EC, new brands of Profenophos 50EC @ 500ml/acre have been recommended for the control of cotton bollworms.
  • Confidence 555 and Imidacel 17.8% @ 40ml/acre (Imidacloprid) for jassid control.
  • Seed treatment with Emisan (Mercurial Chemical) recommended for seeding diseases.

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