All India Coordianted Cotton Improvement Project

Annual Group Meet : 2006-07, NAU, Navsari

All India Coordinated Cotton Improvement Project Annual group meeting was held at NAU, Navsari on 11 th - 13 th , April 2007. The meeting was inaugurated by Honourable
Dr Mangala Rai Director General, ICAR and attended by Hon'ble ADG Dr K.C. Jain ADG(CC), Hon'ble Dr Ahlawat Vice –chancellor, i, Dr. B.M.Khadi Director CICR, Dr. S Sreenivasan, Director CIRCOT, QRT Chaiman Dr S N Puri, and QRT Memebers Dr S S Narayanan, Dr Narayan Rishi, Dr S V Reddy, Dr N Gopalakrishnan, Project Coordinator and Head CICR, Coimbatore and scientista from public as well as from private R&D agencies.